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Your Business, Your Story.

Your business has a story to tell. Give me all the details and I will come up with a design that tells that story to the world. Your mural can match your aesthetic & will help to enhance brand awareness.

Octopus Bathroom Accent Wall
Bold Accents

Bring a sense of personality & atmosphere to your space. Joy, complexity, appreciation of beauty, curiosity... what feeling do you want to invoke?

Mimbres Hot Tub
The Walls are NOT the Limit.

Hot tubs, pools, doors, ceilings, steps.. nothing is off limits. If it's a  solid service, I can paint it. The more unexpected, the better. Let your space become an experience for those who enter.

Bee The Light Mural
The Writing on the Wall.

You have the chance to portray a message to the people who walk by or stay a while. We will discuss what your business stands for and how that can be voiced through the artwork on your wall.

Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg
Subtle Touches & Faux Finishes

There are so many effects that can be created with paint. Stencils can create the look of wallpaper without the limits of colors offered in store. Add texture for a vintage look. An ombre wall can bring a bit more interest to a space. These are just a few of the options paint provides us. Achieve whatever effect you desire; no rules & no limits. 

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Painted Hot Tub



"I was looking for an artist for a project that I had imagined, reproducing Anasazi-Mimbreno artwork as seen on thousand year old Mimbres pottery on a large concrete hot tub. Amanda was heaven sent. We communicated so well from the onset, I had all the supplies here before she arrived. Though she wasn't familiar with this local but highly regarded art form, she took to it immediately, researching it and diving head first into the project. This is a lovely and very talented young lady, a real pleasure to work with. She took this project on with total confidence, and the results are amazing, beyond my wildest expectations. No need to micro-manage Amanda, just give her the keys and let her create. Her talent and technique are stellar."

— Alex Ocheltree, Managing Director at L.C. Ranch Historic Landmark Inc.


One of the best decisions I have made so far in 2020 was to hire Amanda Pullano to paint a mural at Samadhi Yoga Retreat. The beauty of the whole compound was enhanced by her artful expression. The attention to details in such a big area was impressive and the results have brought Samadhi a lot of compliments. It just feels good to walk by the mural and I am looking forward to hire her again soon.

— Ricardo Gonzalez-Jurado, Owner at Samadhi Yoga Retreat LLC.

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