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Paint Parties with Peep!

Find the party you're interested in below & purchase tickets via the link to eventbrite. All attendees must RSVP / purchase tickets before the event. If you'd like to pay in cash, Contact Peep!

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Paint with Peep!

Paint parties are a great way to bring people together. Birthday parties, corporate team building, slow-night crowd generation, and so much more. 

Awaken, explore, and expand your innate creativity. 

Event Offerings

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Mandala Rock Painting

Beginner Friendly - 2hr Class

  • Mandala making 101

  • Warm up exercises and example sheets.

  • All supplies included.


Canvas Paint Party

Beginner Friendly - 2hr Class

  • Canvas designs are ever-changing!

  • Specific themes, seasons, etc. can be created upon request. 

  • All supplies included.


Yoga Mat Mandala Workshop 

Beginner-Intermediate. 3hr class. Leave with your very own painted yoga mat! We will explore the meditative benefits of mandala making and how yoga can be an ideal tool to pair with it. It is recommended (but not necessary) that students take part in the beginner mandala rock painting class before signing up for this workshop. 

  • Creativity awakening meditation

  • Mandala yoga mat painting lesson

  • 30-min yoga session

Untitled_Artwork 27_edited.jpg

Paint with Peep!

All parties have a minimum of 10 participants.

All students need to RSVP & pay before the event. 

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