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Hey, I'm Amanda

I am the graphic designer & artist behind Peep Creative. 

Creativity has always been a huge part of my life. I don’t feel complete without some kind of artistic outlet. Whether it’s graphic design, painting, crochet, hand-lettering, illustration or hula hooping, I am constantly on the hunt for my next inspired action. That’s how I run my life: I never settle for ordinary and I am always pushing the limits of exploration. Learning is what drives me to create. I am constantly improving and I am absolutely in love with the process. I always find myself immersed in a new project, bettering myself and honing my skills. I look for beauty everywhere, and in that way, I find inspiration in the stars as well as the dirt.


Over the years, I have personally experienced the magic that art has to offer us. It has an undeniable ability to make us feel - comfort, joy, contentment. Good design can completely change our outlook on a space or a company.  Murals & branding are two very powerful tools that I utilize in my work to create a culture and a truly memorable experience within a space. 

Why Peep?

The nickname that kept on giving.

My last name is Pullano so my grade school friends started calling me "P" to differentiate me from the other Amanda in our class. Over the years, the name morphed into Peeper, and later on just "Peep." 


Growing up I used to spend hours in my backyard catching frogs. It was the first thing I remember being truly dedicated to. I later learned these frogs are called "Spring Peepers."

I believe that magic is real. First, it presents itself in nature, then, we can recreate it through art. I like to bring a bit of magic into my artwork by using the subtle inspiration from the beauty within the nature that surrounds me.

Let's Make Some Magic!

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