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Iconic Designs for People, Brands, & Spaces

Creative Services

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Your walls can speak, what do you want them say?

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Make it one of a kind with the timeless art of hand lettering.

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More than just a logo. Your brand is your identity.


Achieve the ultimate curb appeal.

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A unique solution to any design objective.

Jean Jackets

Wearable art. There are no limits to what we can create!


Hey, I'm Amanda

I'm the graphic designer & artist behind Peep Creative.

I am a painter, graphic designer, and lettering artist. I have a BA in Graphic/Interactive Design & I am self-taught in calligraphy, illustration, & painting. My favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylic, & gouache. 


Design is my expertise while painting is my passion. I use my design skillset to inform my canvas, mural, & lettering pieces. I believe in the power of hand-made elements such as lettering and illustration because they establish a sense of humanity that is often lost in our modern world. I have found that murals can bridge the gap between artistic expression & brand recognition.