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Ottava Wellness

Branding, Presentation Design,  UX/UI

home page_edited.jpg

The logo for Ottava was created to resemble images of the Schumann resonance, Earth's electromagnetic energies that are said to promote relaxation & health in humans. 

Presentation Design

This presentation was geared towards potential content providers for the platform. Its aim was to highlight the benefits and drive instructors to become apart of the ever-growing community.

OTTAVA - Become an Instructor_Overview.png
Yoga Market_Yoga Market.png

I conducted a ton of research for the creation of the Ottava platform and investor pitch deck. The platform is quite complex so I needed to organize categories in order to nail down a solid plan of action. I conducted user research for 4 separate markets: yoga/meditation, mental health, alternative medicine, & fitness/wellness. From those categories I created user personas. I also did extensive research on Ottava's competition in order to create comparison charts. Again, there was more than one category because this platform aims to help patients AND practitioners. 

UX/UI Design

I created many different screens for the Ottava platform. Check them out below!

User Profile_edited.jpg
User Profile


Inbox View

Located within user's portal. 

Next Steps

We needed to create a page to guide the user so it is clear what they should do next. This was meant to integrate new users into the platform and help them get started.

Nutrition Tracker

Users can search for food items and see an overview of their nutritional value.

Nutrition Tracker_edited.jpg
Nutrition tracker flow 1_edited.jpg
Nutrition Tracker

After finding the desired food item, user may click on the item to view more in depth information and add it to their daily intake. 

Macro Calculator

1st page of the macro calendar where the user will input their stats. This will help the system calculate their daily intake goals, etc. 

Macro Calculator_edited.jpg
Macro calc flow 1_edited.jpg
Macro Calculator Pt. 2

After user stats are submitted,  the system breaks down everything for them and makes setting goals so much easier!

Personal Goals

Located within the user's portal. 

Personal Goals_edited.png
Find a professional_edited.png
Find a Professional Map

Located within the User's portal.

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